Decisions that Can Make or Break Your Wedding

New York style weddings are famous for their unique blend of great food, high energy wedding music and dancing that gives the illusion of five hours of non-stop action.  Closer inspection reveals that there is a logical pacing and delicate ebb and flow, which are the result of experienced entertainers and catering staff working together to achieve the ultimate party.


bored peoplePicture This…
You’re in hour four of your wedding reception, the dance floor is packed, the energy is high, the band is in full swing, and then your host directs the party outside for the next “choreographed event”: Sparkler Lighting on the lawn.  Was that really the best time? Did you need sparkler lighting?  Would people come back afterwards ready to get back to partying or would they see it as the lull they needed to call it a night?



In this first article in our series, Decisions that can Make or Break your Wedding, we suggest that if a New York styled high energy dance party is your goal, then putting your faith in experienced professionals while having a “less is more” strategy is our best advice!


Avoid overloading your wedding with a ton of choreographed events 


Today’s brides often feel pressured by well-meaning party planners, friends, or blogs to make their wedding personal and unique. They are advised to cram their weddings with 20 page lists/”must haves” to be incorporated.  However, if you want what is known nationally as the “New York Style” wedding (simply, a great party) then the tried and true game plan is less is more.




Use professional expertise to help limit your overall stress. Ultimately, you’re guests will remember a great party, not necessarily what they specifically ate or even what songs were played.


Start with a catering venue that gives you a sense that a great party is the ultimate goal.  Make sure they include an experienced staff and maitre d’. Yes the chef is important but the maitre d’ is the captain of the ship on the day of your wedding. The good ones manage the flow and momentum of a party like a conductor in front of an orchestra. (In previous blog posts we mention some of the places on Long Island that do a great job with this.)


Choose East Coast Music as your wedding reception band (or wedding ceremony and cocktail hour too!) to work WITH your caterer to make your day the best it can be. Choosing us also ensures that you can take an active role in creating a wedding music “playlist” that reflects your general taste and sense of style, but will still work in a party setting.


Weddings, especially the fabled New York Wedding, are dance parties; and if what you are looking for is a dance band, we excel. Choosing pros ensures that you are relaxed enough to enjoy and remember your own party!


Our great reviews on Wedding Wire, LI and the Knot/Wedding Channel are Unanimous: East Coast Music guarantees a great dance party!



“In all the weddings we’ve attended, we’ve never seen guests abandon the first dinner course to dance. The band created such a lively, classy and pleasurable atmosphere that no one could stay sitting in his or her seat!”
Wedding: 7/2/2011



Live Performance Anyone?


Check out any band you are considering performing at your all important day beforehand.  If they make you want to get out of your seat and dance, then chances are it will do the same for your guests.

With multiple weekly performances and over 1000 successful weddings in our resume East Coast Music has become the top wedding band and the proven experts in combining client input in a way that it keeps all your guests involved in the non-stop dance floor action.  Unlike other bands we do actually exist outside of lip synch karaoke tracks on a website and perform three to four nights a week.  Click the link to our schedule and then come check us out!


Stay tuned for our next article on Catering Insanity…

East Coast Music & Entertainment’s Wedding Venue Picks

By now many have recognized that East Coast is the premiere NYC Wedding Band based out of Long Island, New York.  For the last 30 years we have entertained wedding guests all along the East Coast—from Maine down to Sunny Florida.  (Ahem…hence the name people!)


Typically, we musicians get all the praise, but what about the venues that welcome our hi-energy band?


Now, if you’ve ever seen us play at any of our gigs (wedding, dark smoky club, corporate event, or college dance party) then you know we have fun.  Still, some of our favorite performances have been at weddings, not simply because of the hi-energy wedding music we play, but because of the gorgeous venues that we get to play them in.  From the food to the accommodating coordinators, impressive level of service, budget-friendly packages, and overall lavish wedding surroundings these places are hidden gems that specialize in creating your dream day i.e. these aren’t wedding factories folks!


So discerning brides, grooms, and wedding coordinators look no further.  We’ve created a list of some of our all-time favorite locations to host your picture perfect wedding ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception.
1. Inn at New Hyde Park

Unknown-1Whether we at East Coast Music & Entertainment are just grooving on a weeknight or “Big Mike” of American Idol fame is rocking out at your wedding, one of the places to check out regarding your NYC wedding has got to be the (amazing) Inn at New Hyde Park.


Known for hosting only one wedding at a time they strive to provide top-notch service.  Their motto says it all: Modern Luxury…Timeless Elegance.  Call them for a private tour and let them create your dream ceremony.  Psst…they can also tell you how great their house band is (East Coast Music anyone?).  But seriously, East Coast Music & Entertainment was selected as the preferred and recommended vendor for live music at the Inn at New Hyde Park. We’ve even played the owner’s family events.  (I think they like us.)



2. The Royalton at Roslyn Heights


Reviewers have said this is the perfect place to hold your posh wedding.  We can’t agree more.The Royalton says it best: Unveil the curtain to Long Island’s opulent past and discover, at the heart of exclusive Roslyn Heights, the Royalton.  This colonial mansion of the early 20th century stands on 10 acres of wooded arbor and English gardens restored to a magnificence matched only by the level of grandeur of each catered affair.  What more could you ask for?


East Coast performs at this venue several times a year; be sure to say hi to our friend, manager Gerard Foster!



3. Carlyle on the Green


Like us, Carlyle on the Green racked up awards from The Knot and Wedding Wire for their impeccable service.  One look at this majestic estate and you can see why it is one of our fave places to play.  FYI: The venue overlooks the famous Black Course and is a frequent host to the US Open and other PGA events.  Click the pic to arrange a tour.



4. Westbury Manor

Westbury Manor has a pretty unbeatable formula.  A beautiful Victorian mansion that serves as a showcase to your love story.  As one reviewer said, the staff’s “professional service and attentiveness to detail” made their event smooth and enjoyable.  With beautiful surrounding gardens, the Westbury Manor offers some gorgeous outdoor options for your wedding ceremony and cocktail hour.  This place pioneered the formula that has made New York weddings renowned worldwide for that perfect combination of great food and hi-energy dance music.  They really know how to throw a party that keeps the momentum flowing.  Turn Up!



5. The Inn at Fox Hollow


Anyone that knows their boutique hotels would not be surprised at our next selection. The Fox Hollow Inn has much shared history with The Westbury Manor.  However, with the Inn’s recent addition of what’s become one of Long Island’s most luxurious hotels on the property, their appeal has broadened for those of you that may need to accommodate out-of-towners.



6. The Carltun


Last, but certainly not least, what would any discerning wedding venue list be without The Carltun?


As with a few other places on our list, throughout the years we’ve not only played weddings at The Carltun, but other social and corporate events as well.  Still this place does weddings…and they do them well.  Think elegance and romance meets the time of your life.  Give them a call to plan your perfect day.


So get out and get venue shopping!  And when you’re done give us a shout.  We aren’t the top-rated wedding band on the east coast for nothing.  Our many five-star reviews on The Knot, Wedding Wire, and LI Weddings can’t be wrong.

Party All Night Long – The Best Wedding Band

When looking for a wedding band, where can you go for live music, star-power, and an eclectic repertoire for your wedding ceremony, cocktail hour and reception? To the best wedding band on Long Island—correction—the best wedding band on the East Coast, that’s where!


Already in 2014, East Coast Music & Entertainment has snagged (again) The Knot / Wedding Channel “Best of Weddings,” Wedding Wire “Couple’s Choice Award” and “ “Best of 2014 Award” for top rated wedding band.


East Coast wins because we don’t fit the typical wedding band stereotype and are 100% dairy-free- “No Cheese”!!! Super eclectic, we excel by incorporating all your favorite Motown, Classic Rock, 90’s Soul, R&B, Big Band, Jazz plus all the contemporary pop tunes you can think of. We have your favorite stars too, like “Amercian Idol Finalist “Big Mike”, Broadway’s Henry Haid, Gordon Dukes (Kool & the Gang, Shaggy ,Stevie Wonder) and not to brag, but our female singers and the rhythm section/horns are top-notch too!


So if you are a couple catering to a wide crowd with varied tastes, let East Coast work with you to create your own personalized wedding song list. “The key to our success lies in our ability to listen, overall flexibility and pride in helping clients realize their dreams…all at a budget they can afford.” – East Coast President, Paul Schuermann


Check Out Some Wedding Testimonials!

My wife and I are both musicians, as were half of our guests, and this band made our party! Just stop, call and book them now!
Wedding: 06/22/2013


This band was THE BOMB! They can play anything and they play it great!
Wedding: 07/03/2013


My husband arranged with Paul from East Coast Music to have Broadway’s Henry Haid—if you’d like Billy Joel to play “Piano Man” at your wedding, hire Henry Haid and check that off your list—amazing.
Wedding: 07/04/2013

5 Classy Long Island Wedding Venues

Our last blog brought you some classy and beautiful NYC spots.  We are going to go a little farther east to Long Island to show you some more beautiful locations:

Harbor Club at Prime

Harbor Club at Prime

Harbor Club At Prime

Located on Long Island‘s “Gold Coast” (Huntington). This exceptional venue has floor-to-ceiling windows and open-air balconies that spy a wonderful view of the towns beautiful mansions and luxury yachts.  They have onsite and outside catering and fits up to 225 people and are known for their wonderful dining. A truly beautiful venue. A perfect spot to be accented by East Coast Band’s classic live wedding entertainment.



Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

Oheka Castle

It’s almost every girl’s dream to get married in a real castle! This venue is truly an unforgettable place and one of the nicest places on all of Long Island to get married at. It boasts 32 uniquely designed guestrooms and award winning cuisine. Let’s not forget the white glove service and formal plush gardens. A premier venue to host exquisite society weddings and gala celebrations. This place is like a dream, and East Coast Music can enhance your event with our wide range of musical capabilities.







Smithtown‘s best kept secret. Their grounds have an impressive array of fruit orchards, vineyards, manicured gardens, beautiful reflection ponds and fountains. They also only do one event at a time because they believe each event should because they are devoted to you and your guests entirely. Perfect spot for an energetic and talented live wedding band to play the songs that celebrate the newlyweds.




Watermill Caterers

Watermill Caterers

Watermill Caterers

“As a Scotto Family facility, the Watermill’s commitment to superior service and dedication to providing you only the finest cuisine is paramount.”  They have indoor and outdoor chapels, White Glove Service, a personal bride attendant, valet parking, and secluded gardens.  A wonderful place and a staple of Long Island.




Montauk Yacht Club

Montauk Yacht Club

Montauk Yacht Club Resort & Marina 

Romantic seaside ceremonies, breath taking vistas, superb location await you at this historic venue. They have surf lessons for your guests and other activities tailored to your wedding. They can also accommodate up to 1000 guests for the larger of wedding parties. Its truly a wonderful spot. Also another great spot to show off the talents of East Coast Band


Classic NYC Wedding Venues



Photo Cred: Museum of Natural History

American Museum of Natural History

The Museum of Natural History is not only an awesome museum to visit, it also makes for a beautiful and unforgettable NYC wedding! You could get married under the classic blue whale or outside on their terrace. There are many options when hosting an event, plus they take care of tables, chairs, flatware, and linen rentals. Imagine the awe inspiring surroundings that every guest, whether young or old, will enjoy.


NYC wedding

Photo Cred: The Lighthouse

The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers

New York City is an island surrounded by water. Although no one wants to actually ever go in the water, it does provide some amazing views. The Lighthouse at Chelsea Piers is a great loft space with huge window views perfect for your wedding day! The food is outstanding and the staff provides personal and professional service. Not to mention, a perfect space for an energetic live wedding band!


Weddings at Coney Island

Photo Cred: Coney Island Museum

The Coney Island Museum

Set up your New York wedding inside the Coney Island Museum with a dinner served in the Freak Bar! Your guest will dance alongside fun house mirrors and vaudeville-style space. You also can hire sideshow entertainers such as sword swallowers and mermaids to make the event unique and complete. This truly original venue for a NYC wedding is perfect for a memorable event. Couple that with East Coast music entertainment and your wedding will go down in history books!


NYC Wedding Locations

Photo Cred: The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

The Loeb Boathouse Central Park

Central Park has so many charming aspects, it’s like a giant easter egg hunt! The Loeb Boathouse is the perfect spot for the mix up of urban and greenery that Central Park is famous for. The place is a wedding photographers dream and the interior is just as lovely as the exterior. The Boathouse holds up to 230 guests for dining and dancing, making it perfect size for a personal and memorable wedding. Hire East Coast for a classic event in this lush atmosphere!


Modern Wedding: Infusing Cultural Traditions

Splash your modern wedding with some traditional flare!

Modern Wedding: Infusing Cultural Traditions

What is the perfect Modern Wedding? There are plenty of online check lists you can find to help guide a couple through the process. However this does limit the imagination. A great way to bring some personality to your modern wedding is to infuse some of your cultural traditions into it. It’s a personal touch to share with your guests and is a great tribute to your families.


A simple way to infuse cultural traditions into your wedding is using particular decorations, supplies, and ceremonies. Another great way that East Coast Band can help with is the wedding entertainment! We know that the bride and groom are the stars of the wedding. What better way to spotlight them but with customized live wedding music and a cultural flair that your wedding guests will love.


Here are a few Modern Wedding cultural traditions by country:


Italian Wedding Traditions:

One of the oldest traditions is the giving of candy coated Jordan almonds, which represent the bittersweet nature of marriage. They are given in quantities of 5 or 7, which are considered luck numbers. Also, Sunday weddings are the luckiest and the bride should wear green the night before to bring luck and abundance. Some traditional Italian wedding songs that East Coast plays are Tarantella, Arrivederci Roma, Volare, and Mala Femina.


Irish Wedding Traditions:

Brides typically wear wildflower wreaths in their hair and bouquets. Their hair is braided to symbolize female power and luck. Bells are thought to keep evil spirits away, so have your guests ring little bells instead of clinking glasses at the reception. To ensure good luck, have someone throw a shoe over the bride’s head as she exits the church-just don’t hit her! Some traditional Irish songs are The Irish Wedding Song, Stack of Barley, The Rose of Tralee, and Danny Boy.


Jewish Wedding Traditions:

A traditional Jewish wedding ceremony takes place under a Chuppah, which is a canopy symbolizing the new home between husband and wife. The encircling of the groom occurs under the Chuppah, where the bride will traditionally walk around the groom three or seven times upon arrival. There are many different kinds of traditional Jewish music and some vary between cultures. We have an extensive list including Shalom Aleichem, Ose Shalom, Mazel Tov, and Hava Nagela.


You can see a bigger list of cultural modern wedding entertainment information here.

Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs


wedding entertainment

Courtesy of New Line Cinema/IMDB

There are some great tunes that we all know and love to sing and dance to. But let’s be real- not all great songs are meant to be wedding songs. Here are a few inappropriate ones we think should be on the “no-play” list for your wedding entertainment.



10 Most Inappropriate Wedding Songs:


1-  “Love Will Tear Us Apart” by Joy Division

2-  “A Man Needs A Maid” by Neil Young

3-  “A Quick One, While He’s Away” by The Who

4-  “I Am Trying To Break Your Heart” by Wilco

5-  “Gold Digger” by Kanye West

6-  “Heaven Knows I’m Miserable Now” by The Smiths

7-   “It’s the End of the World as we Know it” by REM

8-  “Another One Bites the Dust” by Queen

9-  “50 Ways to Leave your Lover” by Paul Simon

10-  “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” by Tammy Wynette


If these are being played as a joke, ok go for it. But we recommend using discretion when planning your live wedding music. Your wedding is one of the most important days in your life so it is good to take time when choosing your wedding songs. Some songs sound good, but people will forget to check the lyrics before they ask their live wedding band to play it. There are great resources for the the best wedding songs to consider when choosing your wedding entertainment. The choices shouldn’t be taken lightly!


Wedding Entertainment NYC


East Coast of New York is the #1 Favorite for Wedding Entertainment

Celebrate your wedding with class and style by choosing a live band! Our live band is full of professional musicians that can play any type of event. We offer the finest musicians and vocalists that New York has to offer. One of our lead singers “Big Mike Lynch,” is from American Idol Season Nine! We perform everything and anything on your wedding playlist and will ensure your party will be a great success. Throwing successful parties can be stressful at times, we’re here to ease the stress and assure you the entertainment part is covered.


East Coast Creates Custom Song Lists for Any Event

In addition to contemporary hits, we play Oldies, Swing, Jazz, Reggae, Broadway, Ethnic music and much much more! We have a unique and energetic style that brings life to all your favorite wedding music. East Coast will make sure that the most important day of your life is perfect. The reason we are the best live band in Long Island and New York City is our ability to adapt and perform a wide array of songs. With proper notice our team will learn any song you request for your Wedding, Party or Club. We typically need thirty days notice to learn the materials you wish to hear.


East Coast is the tri-state areas most sought after live band. We play events such as public restaurants as well as any private party you can think of. If you have not seen or heard of East Coast Band, please visit our audio and video pages to see what we do! We travel throughout Long Island and New York City providing live band performances that add character to any event. We have preformed in some of the most classic New York City Venues.


wedding entertainment

AMERICAN IDOL: TOP 24: East Coast’s Michael Lynche  
CR: Michael Becker/ FOX.

Live Band For All Events

New York’s best live band has played thousands of events throughout the tri-state area. Events such as corporate parties, anniversaries, Bar Mitzvahs, weddings and more have been huge success. At the core of that success is East Coast Band. Our energetic and talented musicians play a wide range of styles of music that can make your event the best it can be. Most people have not hired a live band in their lives but there are many resources that can help guide you along your way.


live band Wedding ceremonies and receptions are an extremely important, once-in-a-lifetime event. When you choose East Coast you can be sure that your live wedding music will be perfect for your special day. Whether you want a Big Band Orchestra style or a Rock band, East Coast can provide! There are many bands to choose from in the New York area. However unlike others, East Coast has many years of experience in playing live music for any event. They have many satisfied clients who hired them for private parties as well as a fan base that follows them to public events. You can check out our audio and video pages for a taste of what we do and how we perform.

3 Tips For Hiring Live Music

Regardless of the event you are having, hiring a band is not something to be taken lightly. You want to be sure that the band fits the event, venue, and your personal style. East Coast has been renowned as New York’s most versatile live party band. When it comes to hiring live music in New York, East Coast is the way to go.


Here are 3 important tips for hiring live music:


1-   Know Your Event: The first thing to consider is the event you are hiring the live music for. If you are having a theme, be sure that the band can accomplish it. Your guests will love the special music played by a band who fit the role. East Coast is able and grateful to play such events. As a unique live band, they are interested in playing unique venues and events.


live music2-   Know Your Playlist: Live music comes with real musicians. East Coast has an extensive repertoire of music to play for your event. Although a DJ has an infinite number of songs at their fingertips, there’s nothing like hearing live music. When you hire East Coast you can trust that they can play just about anything you request. If there are specific songs you need to hear, be sure to tell the band beforehand so they can learn it if they need to.


3-   Know Your Guests: This may be surprising, but guests are often overlooked when planning an event, especially with weddings. You need to know that you musicians are dressed appropriately and also are carrying themselves appropriately on the day of the event. You don’t want to make Aunt Ida blush at your wedding or your boss feel embarrassed at your corporate event. Knowing the audience is important when planning on live music at your event. You want to communicate with East Coast so that they know how to keep all guests entertained and feeling great at your event.